Mortgage Renewal

Hi there, it’s Aleem with and welcome to our Services Centre.

You have clicked on information about Mortgage Renewal—and you will be glad that you did! Here at The Mortgage Specialist, we specialize in helping people invest in their home smarter, through proven strategies like mortgage renewal.

For some introductory information on mortgage renewals watch the video below. Of course, this video offers generic advice about the process…to truly leverage the powerhouse investment that is your home you’ll need advanced, situation-specific advice catered to your past mortgage strategy and your current home value. For advanced, case-specific information on your particular mortgage investment possibilities—contact us today for free, custom-tailored advice.




Do you have a Mortgage Renewal Coming Up?

Mortgage renewals are big business. We know exactly how big. In fact, the mortgage industry and particularly the banks literally ‘bank’ on you simply renewing your mortgage with your existing provider by them dangling some ‘one-time-offer’ rate. Well, the banks don’t like us here at The Mortgage Specialist very much, as we help people combine the negotiating power of other like-minded homeowners to negotiate better rates.


If you have a mortgage renewal coming up and are unsure about the best course of action for your home and family, contact us today. We can look at how long you’re looking at staying in your home, your current and future financial goals, and more to determine what type of mortgage renewal is ideal for you and your family. Once we know what your goals are we can leverage our negotiating power as mortgage brokers to get the rate that will help put you on the track to paying off your mortgage faster, and put you on the path to financial independence.


3 Tips For Renewing Your Mortgage


We can take care of all the details for you and help you negotiate with your existing lender or find a new lender who will give you very competitive rates. You may not know who your ideal vendor is, who can give you the best rates, or which mortgage term is best for your long-term homeownership and financial goals. And what you don’t know can and likely will hurt you financially. Here at The Mortgage Specialist, we believe in knowing all your options when it comes to renewing the biggest investment you’ve ever made.

Give us a call at 778 233 2377 or fill out the form below for no-obligation, free advice on a mortgage strategy that can help secure your investment—and your family.