Wondering if your career will adversely—or positively—affect your ability to purchase and finance a home?

If you are Self Employed and buying a home, or if you already have a mortgage and are looking for renewal or refinance help, there has never been a greater time, as you have access to more resources than ever before with self employed mortgage options.

That’s not to say that the process is easy. –but there are now many programs and financing structures available for self-employed borrowers that get you the same benefits of great rates, terms, and conditions as those enjoyed by salaried borrowers.

It isn’t however a perfect application process. There are certain programs you need to apply to and specific paperwork you will need to produce in order to qualify. Without the right information you might be denied a mortgage that you deserve to qualify for, which is why you should contact a self employed mortgage specialist today.

Self Employed Mortgage Rules

Despite the many programs available for self-employed individuals, there are a number of issues that can hinder your ability to qualify for these programs—which is why working with a self-employed mortgage broker with experience is critical.

One of the problems with a self-employed mortgages is the documentation requirements for self-employed mortgages and alternate programs. Another issue is the arcane rules that can vary widely from bank-to-bank and from program-to-program.


We here at have put together a free report with tips and strategies for self-employed borrowers planning to purchase a property. By taking a few minutes and ordering your Free Report: ‘How to Buy if you are SELF EMPLOYED’, you will gain money-saving, portfolio-growing insights into this growing and unique area of self employed mortgages and financing. The information contained in the report will show you some of the programs available, what is required on your part, and how big of a mortgage loan you could be approved for.

If you would rather skip the reading and go directly to an online application for self employed mortgages, to get a customized response to your unique situation then please click below for an Online Application. You can also simply pick up the phone and call us at 778-233-2377.

We are here to help!

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