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This session includes a home buying strategy session designed to help you get a deeper understanding of the entire home buying process, not just the mortgage but everything that is involved in it.

What our clients tell us is that on this call you will be able to see – right away- what the most important aspects of a mortgage are. It becomes clear what you need to select the best mortgage, and how the right mortgage can mean saving thousands of dollars over the time you hold this mortgage


Mortgage brokers in Abbotsford, We offer a range of services aimed at assisting clients in securing the best mortgage solutions tailored to their specific needs. Here are some common services provided by the Mortgage Specialist in the areas like Coquitlam, Delta, Langley etc. These services aim to simplify the mortgage process, save time, and help individuals and families make informed decisions when it comes to one of the most significant financial commitments—purchasing a home.

Mortgage Consultation Abbotsford

Mortgage brokers offer personalized consultations to understand your financial situation, goals, and preferences. They assess your borrowing capacity, credit history, and financial objectives to recommend suitable mortgage options.

Access to Multiple Lenders

Brokers have access to a network of lenders, including banks, credit unions, and alternative lending sources. This allows them to compare various mortgage products and negotiate competitive rates on your behalf.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

They assist in obtaining pre-approval for a mortgage, giving you a clearer idea of your budget and helping streamline the home-buying process.

Guidance Through the Application Process

Brokers at Mortgage Specialist help navigate the complex mortgage application process, guiding you through paperwork, documentation, and ensuring you meet lender requirements.

Rate Negotiation Abbotsford

They negotiate mortgage rates and terms with lenders to secure favorable terms, such as lower interest rates or flexible repayment options.

Specialized Mortgage Solutions

Our brokers specialize in specific types of mortgages, such as first-time homebuyer programs, investment property financing, refinancing, or mortgage renewal options.

Financial Advice Abbotsford

They provide financial advice beyond just securing a mortgage, offering insights into improving credit scores, debt management, and strategies to enhance your financial health.

Continuous Support

Brokers at Mortgage Specialist often provide ongoing support even after securing the mortgage, helping clients navigate changes in their financial circumstances or assisting with mortgage renewals.

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Let’s be honest, not many people can pay for their home in cash… Most people will need a mortgage to purchase real estate.

Our process starts with a 20-minute phone call. Often times, we can address 99% of your questions & concerns, and we can tell you how much of a mortgage you’d qualify for.


It might seem strange, but you might actually be able to save money by refinancing your mortgage… Depending on the rate environment and your contract, I can help you figure out if it makes financial sense for you to refinance. Even with the fees & penalties – you could save thousands.


If you are planning on renewing your mortgage with your current lender, you may be leaving money on the table. We can negotiate a better deal. You may also want a new mortgage product upon renewal, and we will show and guide you how to choose the mortgage that suits your future goals.

Debt Consolidation

Do you want to use your mortgage to consolidate your debt to manage your credit cards, car loans, taxes, or any other high interest bills? When executed well, alongside a short – and long-term plan, debt consolidation loans can help you reduce your overall debt burden while freeing up cash flow.

Sepration or Divorce

The truth is that divorce is difficult and stressful enough on its own. And when living arrangements, mortgages and financial instability start to pile up, it becomes a disaster. Don’t go into your divorce or separation with your eyes closed… You should be prepared for every financial thing that your partner could throw your way.

Mortgage Special

In addition to our normal offerings, we have special programs for special situations. Learn more about our 10-Year Mortgage Rates, Mortgages For Heroes, & our Mortgage Adoption Process.


Map Of Abbotsford BC & Neighbourhoods

What To Know About Abbotsford BC

Abbotsford, British Columbia is a border town, it is adjacent to the Canada- US border , Greater Vancouver and the Fraser River. Abbotsford is the largest municipality in the province outside of the Metro Vancouver area. There are approximately 142,000 people that live in the Abbotsford area.
Abbotsford has its own International Airport. It is also home to the University of the Fraser Valley and Tradex. The September to May season is the peak season for the Tradex Centre.
There is an event almost every weekend during these months. From May until August most of the vents held are outdoor, and they are fewer and further between.
A pretty interesting fact is that – according to Stats Canada, Abbotsford has routinely been named as Canadas most generous city when it comes to charitable donations.
There is a real rural feel to the Abbotsford region, and yet at the same time there has been lot of expansion and Urbanization over the recent years.
If you decide that you want to make Abbotsford your home, and you need a mortgage, or if you already live in Abbotsford and your mortgage is up for renewal or you are looking to refinance, you have landed on the right page. Looking for top rated Mortgage Broker Abbotsford ? We are!
The Mortgage Specialist team is familiar with Abbotsford BC and the surrounding area and has the connections and the relationships in place to help you get the best possible financing for your needs at affordable mortgage rates in BC.
Out of our network of 50+ lenders, we will find the ones that are best suited for financing in your area, and we make sure that you are only getting the very best mortgage for you.
Our team of Mortgage Specialist never stop working for you, if you are purchasing, it can be very time sensitive and our team works very fast and efficiently with you.
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