Didn’t get your mortgage financing through us? We’d Still Love to Help!

We are happy to do a complimentary review of your existing mortgage.
Whether it is a Canada prime rate or other rate mortgage–we may be able to help!

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Many home owners know they have a mortgage, and are unaware of things that they should be weary of when planning for future real estate transactions.
We will take the time to explain to you the details about your mortgage that you currently have.
We will review your goals and plans, and build a custom strategy to pay down your mortgage faster, and / or look at ways for you to increase your wealth/overall financial wellness.
If all you want is to know about better rate opportunities, we can do this for you too. We can keep your mortgage details on file and watch for better rates and opportunities for you in the future.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Was my intention just to lock in my Canada prime rate mortgage and forget about it for 3, 5 years or however long the term is?
  • Would I like to save myself thousands of dollars over the life of my mortgage?
  • Is my bank or current lender advising me on Prime rate changes, and ways to save money. If I pay less interest and save money, what happens to their profit margins?

Want to Secure a Canada Prime Rate Mortgage?

Call us today at 778-233-2377 to learn more about our Special Adopt My Mortgage Program or simply fill in your name and best email address and we will send you some more relevant tips on Adopt My Mortgage Program.
If Canada prime rate mortgages go up and you have simply locked in your mortgage and forgotten about it, you should not ignore this thinking that you are safe, because you are locked in. The reality is that you are going to face payment shock when your mortgage comes due in 2, 3 or 5 years. Let us help you manage your mortgage through our Inflation Hedge Mortgage Strategy.

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