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Down Payment Options

How can banks offer such low down payment options? Mortgage default insurance protects the lender against any financial loss if a person stops making mortgage

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Condo Buyers Guide

All across Canada condominium developments are becoming immensely popular. In the past it was primarily an idea for the retired or “empty nesters”. This to

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Moving Checklists

To ensure trouble free printing, Adobe Acrobat version 4 or higher is required to view and/or print these guides and checklists. If you do not

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Home Inspection

The average person has limited knowledge of all aspects of a home that a certified home inspector goes through. The purchase of a home can

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You Are Not Alone

Last month you were directed to a letter along with other past customers of mine. In the resulting days following the letter we have over

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How I Can Help

Areas of specialty First Time Homebuyers: Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting process. I have a very detailed “10 Steps

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