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best mortgage rates canada

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  • First Time Homebuyers: Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting process. I have a very detailed “10 Steps to Your Front Door” that I go through with all my First Time Homebuyers to help them through all the different steps. The first step is always the hardest and that is obtaining a pre-approval. A qualified pre-approval is critical initial step, especially in a fast pace real estate market. A mortgage pre-approval will determine the maximum amount a prospective buyer will be approved for. It will also hold the interest rate for up to four months while the buyer is house hunting, ensuring that they receive the best mortgage rates possible when it comes time to make an offer. Do you know anyone right now that is thinking of buying their first home who would benefit from being sent our 10 Steps?

best mortgage rates canada

  • Divorce / Separation: Unfortunately the reality today is that many couples are going thru separations and divorces. It can be a daunting process for both parties when it comes to figuring out the matrimonial assets and family home. When it comes to selling a matrimonial home, there is a lot to consider in purchasing the next home in conjunction with also selling an existing home… It can be a challenge and there are always lots of questions such as “What happens if you don’t sell?”, “How does bridge financing work?”, “Should I keep my existing home and rent it out?” and lots more… I have a great article that I have written called “Buy or Sell – What should you do first? Do you know anyone going thru a separation or divorce that would like a copy of this article or to chat about their financing options?
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  • Financing for the Self Employed: As someone that is also a business owner, I fully understand the challenges or concerns self-employed individuals might have when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage. According to statistics, 20% of all income earners in Canada are now self-employed and this is a large and growing demographic. So why can employees easily get a mortgage but an employer or business owners have challenges or limitations? Here is why…they may have multiple “write offs” on their tax return that reduces their net taxable income, no guarantee of a consistent income week after week and the fact that 30% of businesses fail in the first 5 years, makes the lenders nervous about handing over a mortgage for hundreds of thousands of dollars… even though they have a home as collateral… it doesn’t make sense does it? As I work with 100+ lenders across Canada, I have access to those that truly understand the self-employed borrower and I am an expert in this area of financing. Do you know someone that is self-employed or a business owner who would benefit from my services.

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  • New Immigrants: Someone that is new to Canada will have many questions with regard to mortgages in Canada and I really enjoy helping them navigate through the different terminology and options. I fully understand the challenges or concerns new immigrants might have when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage in Canada. Many of the 100+ lenders across Canada and that I have access to truly understand the New to Canada borrower and have specific financing options available. I am an expert in mortgage financing for individuals new to Canada and I walk my clients thru each step at a pace that they are comfortable with. I also provide options and choices so they make the ideal mortgage decision for their new life in Canada. Do you know anyone that has “landed” in Canada in the last three to five years that I could chat with? Do you know any immigration lawyers at all that you could introduce me too as a potential business referral partnerAleem Peermohamed: 778.233.2377


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