Be Mortgage Free Faster

Here at The Mortgage Specialist we focus on getting our clients to be mortgage free as fast as possible–by telling them how to pay off your mortgage faster.

How to Pay Off your Mortgage Faster

Despite common opinion that a mortgage is a non-malleable product packaged and sold to you by the big banks, there is a surprising amount of negotiating power available to you. You can negotiate, renegotiate and renew with a different vendor—all of which give you the power to negotiate your way to financial freedom. To supercharge you need to know how to pay your mortgage faster–which focuses around the negotiating power you can empower us with to negotiate on your behalf, and combine a large quantity of other mortgages into the negotiations with yours…giving you bulk, larger-scale purchasing power.

We can and will help you to negotiate lower mortgage interest rates and terms that are inline with your mortgage and financial plan. This will help you be mortgage free faster, or alternatively to pay for value-adding upgrades to your home, or to use as cash flow during difficult times that adversely affect the security of your family.

How to Be Mortgage Free Faster

How to pay off your mortgage faster: One of the biggest oversights with homebuyers is not paying enough attention to their prepayment options. Far too often do they fall under the spell of rate tunnel vision, only to regret it years later when their “lowest rate” mortgage ends up costing them thousands. Increased payments, lump-sum payments, double up payments & anniversary payments are just a few mortgage ingredients that can end up being worth a lot more than a saved 0.10% in interest rate.

Facts like the one above is just one of many ways to be mortgage free faster. Unfortunately, the financial industry doesn’t want you to be debt-free and they don’t want you to know how to pay off your mortgage faster. This is why these secrets aren’t widely known. We want everyone to know them, and we want you to know them.

By working with The Mortgage Specialist on how to pay off your mortgage faster, not only will we ensure that your mortgage is equipped with the right prepayment options, but we’ll develop a plan to eliminate years off your mortgage & save you thousands. Don’t hesitate or delay—call or email us today and begin putting in place your strategy towards financial freedom.


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