Lawyer Vs Notary- What is the difference?

  LEGAL REPRESENTATION IN REAL ESTATE Every real estate transaction, whether buying or selling a home, involves contracts and legal elements. We HIGHLY suggest using legal representation to review contracts, prepare necessary documents and ensure a smooth transaction. The cost is comparatively low (approximately $1000) considering the support and security that having a professional on [...]

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Your Mortgage is a Blank Canvas

Forget what you thought you knew about qualifying for a mortgage. The reset button has been pressed, the game has changed, and everyone is starting with a clean slate. The most recent government changes to mortgage qualification through CMHC has really muddied the waters in the mortgage world so to speak. Not only is it [...]

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2017 Vancouver Real Estate Market

For quite some time now there has been a very limited supply of properties on the market and most Realtors that I speak with on a regular basis are starting to have buyers lineup. With very few properties to show these buyers, we are beginning to see similar trends that we saw a year ago. [...]

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Value of Mortgage Brokers Greater Than Ever

Mortgage Rule Changes have made Mortgage Brokers even more invaluable In October of 2016, the entire Country was surprised by reports of considerable changes to mortgage rules announced by the Canadian Government.  The Department of Finance Canada announced new mortgage rules that have since had a tempering effect on the market. In late December, the Office [...]

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The Mortgage Process

The Mortgage Process Buying a home is a big step, and that is why you need to have a plan. A part of your plan should include your mortgage. There is a process involved - one that should be followed in order to avoid any un-necessary stress and ensure a smooth overall experience. Here is a [...]

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