Annual Reviews and Financial Check-up

It is the start of a new year- best wishes and happy 2015

Annual Reviews and Financial Check-upFinancial Check-up

With the start of the new year, we have set our intentions and goals. Health is the most important, relationships, business follow. What we sometimes forget in our day to day grinds are the tasks that are important but not urgent. I read somewhere over the holidays that this is the biggest difference between those that succeed and those that just get by, your willingness to focus on the important but not urgent stuff. Your financial health, especially your largest debt (your mortgage) is often overlooked.

We here at offer a complementary Annual Review on your mortgage and Financial Check-up for all of our existing customers. If you are not an existing customer, but would like to take part in our Annual Review of your mortgage and Financial Check-up, please feel free to drop us a line at 778 233 2377 or email us at [email protected]

Now, you might be wondering why is it important to do a check up every year. Well, like your overall health requires monitoring, as things change on a regular basis, so too can your financial health. A strategy that we selected when you were 22 single and saving up for a trip around the world may not be what is right for you at 28, married and expecting a baby on the way.

There is of course what we like to refer as the Ostrich option, but we do not recommend it as a viable option. For those of you not familiar with this, it is essentially burying your head into the sand and adopting the attitude that if you can’t see it, it is not there, and nothing can be going wrong.

Whether you like it or not, change happens, things happen, that is life. The plan even from one year to the next may require some tweaking, depending on whether or not your goals have changed. Perhaps even the market has changed, and you may be able to take advantage of a lower interest rate that can save you thousands.

We get it, you may be feeling overwhelmed, and it is easy to ignore. It is kind of like looking at yourself in the mirror sometimes after the holidays. The truth is, whether you like what you see or not, a financial check-up of your mortgage (and an annual review) can help you understand your current situation and identify the changes you need to make that will allow you to move forward and achieve the goals that you set out to obtain.

2015 could also be the year that your mortgage may be up for renewal. In these circumstances, we here at are in touch with our customers 120-180 days in advance of your maturity date to discuss your options and come up with ideas to help save you money. It is a great time to update your information, which goes a long way in us helping develop a mortgage to secure your financial future.

Again, even if you are not a current client, and your mortgage is up for renewal, or you may be thinking of refinancing your mortgage, or even purchasing a rental property or a second home, or a vacation/recreational property, we here at will be delighted to assist you.

Your bank will not tell you this, well because how do they make their money? By earning interest off of lending money to you. Your mortgage is a big part of your finances, whether or not you have been told this. Think about it, do you have a stock portfolio that is worth $400,000? (If you do, congratulations)…..but how many of us have a mortgage of $400,000….or more?

We spend a lot of time looking at our RRSP portfolio of $25,000, or our stocks of $10,000. How you set up and manage your largest debt can have a big impact on your lifestyle. imagine being able to cut even 5 years off of your thousand dollar a month mortgage payment. Yes, your mortgage payment is probably closer to 2,000. But a thousand dolllars times 5 years (60 months)……yes…..that is 60-120 THOUSAND dollars that you can save if you are able to cut 5 years off the life of your mortgage. By taking a closer look, we may be able to save you this kind of money and set you up a bright path for your financial future.

Annual Review

Here at we offer mortgages for purchases, refinance, debt consolidation, investment purposes. We offer products for residential and commercial financing.

(1st, 2nd , institutional-A-Alt-A, B and private), leasing, merchant service/ advance, and visa cards!

We also have a network of professionals which we work closely with. Over the years we have been able to hand pick some of the best lawyers, notaries, real-estate agents, construction and renovation experts, landscaping professionals, car dealers, home cleaning services, financial advisers and planners, accountants, plumbers, fitness instructors and personal trainers, massage therapists, window washers….the list is endless.

Feel free to call us anytime for more information. We are open 7 days a week. 778 233 2377 or email us at [email protected]


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