Coronavirus: What You Need To Know As A Canadian And A Home Owner.

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The Coronavirus has impacted most of the world including Canada. The virus is officially called COVID-19. In Canada the likelihood of a major outbreak is fairly low. The common symptoms of the virus are fever, cough and difficulty breathing as it is a respiratory disease. The nature of the virus in it’s pathology and susceptibility among older people set it apart from other viruses like the flu. The best thing to do to avoid contracting the disease is to limit exposure, wash hands, couch and sneeze into arm or tissue. As a homeowner it helps to limit guests, wash high-tech items, stock up moderately, and avoid contact with older relatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • The symptoms of the coronavirus are a fever, a cough and having difficulty breathing. Take these symptoms seriously.
  • The big issue with the coronavirus is that there isn’t a vaccine and there also isn’t many tests to confirm cases.
  • If you are worried about the coronavirus, wash your hands and stay away from people. Try to stay at home and eat healthy.

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