Canadian Real Estate Prices Forecasted To Rise 12%… or Drop Over 30%

buying a home in Canada

The forecasted drop in prices depends on the source that you are using, some people say that the housing market is doing well, but for other areas of the housing market, where the more expensive homes are, it is hard for those to get noticed, and it’s more difficult for those homes to sell, and for those sources to tell how well the real estate market is doing based on those results. The drop could take place, or the drop could take place, it just depends on who you ask.

Key Takeaways:

  • Different forecasts are predicting different things when it comes to Canada’s real estate recovering from the effects of the coronavirus.
  • Several different forecasts see the real estate market rising by over 10% over the next year.
  • The worst outcomes see prices dropping by up to 30% in the next year.

“They see a U-shaped recovery, which is similar to a V-shaped one, but much longer.”

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