Ten Year Mortgage – I’m Concerned About You

Aleem here, The Mortgage Broker In Vancouver! and I am going to talk about a ten year mortgage and why you should seriously consider it

I think in today’s fast paced world we get lots of offers coming at us all the time. I understand this, and more importantly I respect your time and the attention you give me when I ask for it. I promise that what I have to say right now is very important.

I made a video for you that will show you a compelling reason why now more then ever is a good time to consider a Ten Year Mortgage.

In this video I will show you:

  1. Why everyone under the sun is warning us of what happens when interest rates rise back to normal like levels prior to the recession. FYI, that is over 2% higher then they are now
  2. That the current 10 year mortgage is lower then the average variable rate, and the five year mortgage rate over the past 25 years.
  3. The current difference between a five year mortgage and a ten year mortgage is the lowest in history, resulting in a very small premium to pay for the insurance against certain rising rates over the next few years, and the resulting peace of mind you will have.
  4. A detailed example for a $200,000 mortgage on how we shave over $16,000, or 8%, off the balance owing. Imagine what you could do with 8% of the amount owing on your mortgage right now?

Imagine if your payments rose $200, $300, $400 or more per month at renewal. It’s called ‘payment shock’ and in the video we show you how to avoid it and save thousands and thousands off your mortgage principal.

I also put a link to a 7 page detailed report including all the questions that our customers have been asking regarding this compelling strategy that you can download and read at your leisure.

You can get this report by clicking here

Spend 10 minutes to watch the entire video and read the report. I am CERTAIN I can save you money and more importantly protect you significantly from the risks of the certain rising interest rates of the future.

P.S. I know the first instinct is often to ignore messages that appear to be a “sales” message. I encourage you to re-frame your thinking if this is happening to you. I prepared the video and the detailed report simply so you can review this ten year mortgage strategy in your own time without going through a sales process. 10 minutes total investment I think you would agree is worth the possibility that this strategy is a fit for you and saves you thousands.

If you would like a customized report with your own real numbers to see how much you will save, fill out the information below.

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