10 Year Mortgage: The Best Payment Mortgage Strategy

Hi Aleem here- Mortgage Brokers Vancouver Bc – about The Best Payment Mortgage Strategy!

My friend Rahim is a financial advisor and I think he would also do well as a professional debater.

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About a month ago, over a cup of coffee he was playing “devil’s advocate” and grilling me over the logic behind the concept of locking into a ten year mortgage today. Rahim, I must say that I am truly thankful I have friends like you in my life.

The back and forth conversation that ensued between Rahim and I on the many points and counter points about the benefits of a 10 year mortgage inspired the video above for you to capture the compelling argument we created that in fact now more than ever is the best time to lock in to a 10 year mortgage.

It is my sincere hope that as many people as possible see the video. I think there may be a small window that of course can close at anytime when rates start rising. Will you consider sharing this? What a gift you may give to your friends and family who have mortgages that are not being actively managed.

best mortgage repayment strategy
Aleem – Mortgage Broker Vancouver BC

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