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We help you get the right mortgage – but that’s not where our job ends. We specialize in portfolio building. We are definitely mortgage brokers, but we usually start with a plan in mind. The way we view it – is it is not just bout the one transaction, it is about building something for you and your family.

When I was in school, I started to work to help pay for my fees. At the same time, I bought a property with some friends and the help of some mentors
In about a 4 year period, I noticed that I was able to save about $20 thousand dollars from working. I thought this was a lot of money. During this same 4 year period, that property that I had purchased, I noticed that it had increased in value by about 80 thousand dollars.

I found this pretty interesting, that myself, I was able to save up 20k, which is pretty good for a student especially, and in this same time frame, this property has gone up almost 4 times! I feel that I have been very fortunate to learn from some very smart people. And this is basically what we do, is we help people learn and implement these strategies to create and build wealth for their family.

In our One Property Away Webinar, we share these very basic, against the grain thinking strategies – and we review some real live cases of people just like you, who have – with the use of these strategies – been able to change their lives. Check out our One Property Away Webinar or call us on (778) 233-2377 today for your free no obligation consultation.


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