What Aleem Does When Not Arranging Mortgages

When Aleem is not arranging mortgages, you can find him playing or talking about his favourite sports, or at a local restaurant or pub enjoying good food and a beverage, as well as great company and conversation which will very likely include educating people on the many benefits of property ownership.

Aleem runs webinars on the subject of wealth creation through property investment. He has helped hundreds of families understand that through long term ownership of even just one investment property, they can change their life by achieving 3 big Financial Goals:
Knowing About More About Aleem

    1. Paying off their mortgage faster.
    2. Paying for their children’s education in full.
    3. Build extra wealth for retirement.

The concept seems counterintuitive, the path of true wealth possibly being through buying more property and taking on more debt. Sign up for the seminar to learn more by going to https://dev.21centuryinfo.net/onepropertyaway/ and filling out the questionnaire. You can also book a free consultation to learn more about your specific situation.

What Aleem Does When Not Working On Mortgages


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