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Important Tips for you for when your Mortgage is up for Renewal

When your mortgage renews, there are multiple options you can choose from:

1. Keep your mortgage with current lender

2. Get a lower rate at another lender

3. Refinance without penalties and get access to more equity

4. Get a re-advanceable mortgage

5. Get a line of credit

The key is to look at your options 3 to 6 months before your renewal date. This really means that you start thinking about it after your 4th mortgage anniversary. You do not want to do a last minute renewal with your current bank without considering all of your options.

Over a 5 year period, your mortgage decreased and your property most likely increased in value. This opens up a gap that gives you significant options. If you are an existing client, I already have you on my watch for renewals. So don’t worry about it, you will expect contact from me starting 9 months from before your renewal date. If I do not have your mortgage renewal date, message me and I will put you into our renewal watch system. Let’s keep your money in your wallet – not the banks!


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