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Mortgage Calc How Canada’s Mortgage System Is Fortified To Withstand Financial Upheavals

The recent financial crisis nearly flattened the fiscal setup in most parts of the Western world. A combination of different factors, such as inflating house values, a surge of new housing developments, laxer lending standards and the ensuing household debts and mortgage losses, served to draw the monetary system towards an inevitable deadlock. Banks failed and monetary losses scaled the skies. Through it all, Canada’s banking system remained reasonably secure and the country did not suffer to the extent that other leading powers did. Canada has established quite a strong mortgage calc system that has helped the country sail through the recent financial crunch relatively unscathed.

This is not the only time Canada has passed through monetary disasters intact. The 20th century is peppered with examples of the country’s impressive mortgage system. During the Great Depression, Canada did not see even a single bank failure. When the S&L (Savings and Loan) crisis hit the world, only two Canadian banks suffered setbacks.

The Canadian banking system has many strengthening factors that have served the country well so far in surviving monetary crisis with little or no bank failure.

Full Recourse Mortgage Calc System

One feature of the Canadian mortgage structure is its “full recourse” element. This means the mortgagor retains full responsibility for the loan under all conditions, even if a foreclosure occurs. If a foreclosed property has negative equity, the bank has the option to charge the mortgagor with a deficiency judgement. This gives the bank the right to attach the debtor’s alternate assets, and the bank can also bring out a lawsuit to claim the individual’s future earnings.

This feature of full recourse helps to keep a check on the overall lending system, enables borrowers to exercise more care and responsibility when taking out mortgages, and results in lower rates of mortgage fraudand a significantly low number of foreclosures.

Higher Rate of Mortgage Insurance

Approximately half the mortgages taken out in Canada carry insurance, particularly mortgages financing homes with lower than a 20% down payment. In such instances, the borrower is expected to pay the full amount of the insurance premium in advance. Mortgage insurance is taken very firmly in Canada and cannot be terminated when the home value surpasses the loan balance. Nor would it make any sense, as you have paid the entire premium at the time of funding. Thus the mortgage is always fully guaranteed, even if the home value surpasses the loan balance.

The frequency of mortgage insurance facilitates the stability of the country’s banking and housing segments. Moreover, it is one of the features that strengthens Canada’s ranking as one of the safest financial markets in the world.

Strict Check on Mortgage Prepayments

Canada’s mortgage calc system supports prepayments, but not without a stiff penalty. The penalty is three months’ worth of mortgage interest payment upon taking a prepayment. This policy is stricter than in other countries, such as the United States.

Lack of tax deductibility

Another strength of the Canadian mortgage calc arrangement is its non-tax deductible feature. Owing to this, home ownership in Canada does not offer tax returns over and above renting. Moreover, there are no tax benefits in the conversion of house equity into property debt, a fact that results in greater equity accruals in the country.

The regulations and features delineated above combine to make Canada’s mortgage calc system one of the strongest in the world. The country has a healthy credit system in place that helps to keep mortgage payouts clean and lender-oriented. In essence, the financial system is conducive to secure lending and responsible borrowing, a setup that helps the country on a most basic level when large-scale monetary crunches hit the financial world


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