Banks Don’t Want you Knowing This Info…

The Mortgage Centre: How to Shop Around Effectively

Our best advice from the Mortgage Centre?

Banks love it when you borrow money – they literally make thousands.

What if there was a “right” way to shop around for a mortgage? What if you were armed with the right questions to ask where YOU save money – and the BANKS make less?

The Mortgage Centre says this…Thousands of smart Canadians already do this and BANKS don’t want you knowing this information.

How to Shop Around for the Right Mortgage

+ Take our $1,000 Challenge!

We, the Mortgage Centre, understand: Low Mortgage Rates are Very Important. We assure you: We have Access to the best the industry has to offer.

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What many people don’t realize is that the lowest rate can many times still have much higher overall cost.

How to Access Information from The Mortgage Centre

It’s time you get access to the answers to the questions the big banks don’t want you to know and ensure you never pay more than you have to.

This is why we, the Mortgage Centre, guarantee that you we can save you thousands more than your best mortgage offer, or we’ll pay you $1000 (** That’s not a typo**).

It is a bold offer by an experienced team that is Confident. Are you up for the challenge?

Enter your information below to get the answers to the ESSENTIAL questions that anyone who is offering you mortgage advice MUST be able to answer correctly.

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