Your Annual Mortgage Review

A few years ago we started a trial run of annual mortgage reviews and found that our clients really embraced and appreciated the process. We are now conducting Annual Reviews each year for your benefit.

The conversation takea about 20 minutes and could save you thousands in unnecessary interest cost. We provide this service free of charge to all of our existin clients as well as our potential clients.

Below is a list of questions that we need you to please have answers ready for to expedite the process. Considering you have the capacity to make changes after the mortgage completes and life brings up unexpected changes, we need to update this information if we don’t have it already.

Addresses of currently owned real estate
Current Outstanding balance of mortgage(s)
Current lender(s)
Interest rate of mortgage(s)
Renewal date of mortgage(s)
Payment frequency (bi-weekly, monthly, etc)
Have you taken advantage of any pre-payment privileges your lender offers?
Approximate balance of current debts / liabilities
Copy of Current property assessment(s)
Currently working with a financial advisor?
Mortgage or life insurance?
Do you have an accountant?
Are you currently happy with your situation?
Have you heard of Payment Shock?
What are your goals for your principle residence and real estate portfolio in general over the next 3-5 years?

For instance are you looking to:
Paying down principle residence mortgage
Eliminating debt
Saving down payment for investment property

A suggestion, please review with us your goals for your principle residence and real estate holdings over the next 5 years. This will help us optimize your situation and potential tax deductions down the road. Please note that if you completed a mortgage transaction with us in the past year, this likely won’t be applicable to you because you are probably already optimized.

We will use all this information to make sure your mortgage / portfolio is optimized and your potential savings are maximized.

For our Prospective Clients whose Mortgages we are Adopting, we will also introduce you to the Inflation Hedge Strategy that protects you from raising interest rates and insulates you for payment shock at renewal.

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