We Don’t Need Sales People Like We Used To…

What Would You Do With $10,000?

Mortgage Broker In VancouverIn my experience people think differently about their assets then they do their debts. If I was to give you $10,000 cash to invest what would you do? I bet you would regularly check on it to see if the strategies you put in place to grow it were working?

In fact if you have an investment portfolio, think about how often you review it alone or with your financial adviser in a year? Now think about how often you review your mortgage strategy?

You have been directed to four letters these past four months to try and compel you to take a quick look at the rare opportunity we all have to lock in the lowest rates in history and most importantly protect you against the very real threat of rising rates that will eat away at your net worth.

What would you do if your investment portfolio lost an uncomfortable amount of money since you last reviewed it? Would you make some adjustments to the strategy? Why don’t we do this with our mortgages?

I think the main reason is that the last few years there has been no need to as rates plummeted to the lowest in history. Of course this sets up the whole reason why I have been asking you to review your mortgage strategy in the last several weeks, as it is a certainty interest rates will rise back to normal, which is over 2% higher then they are today.

I will not send you any more messages about the wisdom of locking in to a ten year mortgage after this one, so please consider getting your customized report right now, simply hit ‘reply’ to this e-mail or go check out the video I made for you. I want to see you be as smart and methodical with your mortgage as you are with your investments.


P.S. Over 1,000 people have watched the video I created for you from across Canada. How can all these people be wrong? This is the best mortgage strategy I have ever seen. Take the time today to check it out.

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We Don’T Need Sales People Like We Used To…
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