Trapped: Helping separated clients manage unwanted cohabitation during COVID-19

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One of the disruptions caused by COVID-19 lockdowns involves couples who were breaking apart being forced to shelter together. This has left some individuals vulnerable to domestic abuse. Most experts would not recommend selling a home in the current climate, but for some, it isn’t that simple. The challenges of selling now include lack of access to comprehensive appraisals and the inability to make renovations. While mortgage brokers have no legal obligation to get involved in a client’s domestic situation, they should be observant, sensitive and willing to refer clients to needed services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anyone trying to sell their home now is struggling to obtain a comprehensive appraisal.
  • It’s easy to advise people not to sell, but they may have their own reasons it has to happen.
  • Mortgage brokers can’t fix their clients’ domestic situations, but should be sensitive and observant to them.

“The inability to separate has put many couples into complex, sometimes violent situations. In those involving domestic abuse, many victims simply have nowhere else to go.”

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