New Immigrant Mortgage

You are in Canada now and you are one step closer to your dream of owning a new home.

Being a new immigrant, life can be fairly challenging.

You need to adapt to the culture of the country that you are in and get used to the language. It is all worth it, if you be able to deal with all of that.

No established credit?

Yes, it is possible to buy a home as a new immigrant even without established credit or verifiable income.

There are many programs available (some government backed, with as little as 5% downpayment from your own required resources) for new immigrant mortgages. In fact, many people would argue that new immigrants receive more favourable terms than the average Canadian when applying for a mortgage.

Start Fresh

Even though you may have had an excellent reputation and record in your home country, when you come to Canada, you have to start fresh.

Combining all of the issues: language barriers, culture shock, lack of credit history and fluctuating immigration status all of these results in a lot of instability. This can become a stressful situation.

You do have options

Don’t be discouraged, don’t think that your only option is to throw your money down the drain renting.

New immigrant mortgages ARE possible, and are one of our specialties here.

We’ve helped thousands of new immigrants, be it from American homebuyers to people from overseas.

There are new immigrant mortgage programs that can help you qualify for a mortgage, even if you don’t have established credit history yet, and even if you do not have a permanent Social Insurance Number.

It won’t be easy

Despite the availability of mortgages out there that new immigrants can qualify for—the process isn’t always easy.

The paperwork and timelines required can be difficult to navigate especially if you also have challenges with the language, and understanding what exactly is expected of you.

That’s why you need us on your side.

We, at The mortgage can help you with what you need in order to qualify for a new immigrant mortgage.

Consult with us

We encourage you to set up a phone consultation with us by clicking here.

On the call, we can learn a little bit more about your situation and provide you with a customized response catered towards your unique situation.

Use the link to book your appointment or call us at 778-233-2377.


We can and will help

Our knowledge of mortgages for new immigrants may help you get qualified for a mortgage that you would not be able to do by yourself—and very possibly at no extra cost to you!

Don’t apply for a mortgage until you’ve spoken with us

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