Employee Benefit Mortgage Plan

Studies show that, as a company, simply offering company health benefits and health spending accounts to your employees isn’t enough!

What Is The Employee Mortgage Benefit Plan?

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Employer’s Dilemma…

Employers today are facing increasing challenges to retain their employees in today’s competitive economic environment. Apart from increasing salaries, which can significantly affect a company’s bottom line, employers are looking for ways to add value and benefits for their employees. And employees are looking for more support and value from their employer aside from higher salaries.

Employee’s Frustrations…

Employees are facing increased stress due to a variety of external factors, which often carry over into their work performance. Worrying about personal finances can result in decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, anxiety, and sleep loss to name a few.

Did You Know?

  • Studies have shown over 70% of employers indicating employees are less productive at work when worrying about personal financial problems.
  • Nearly half of the employees polled in one study indicate up to 20 work hours per month is spent on personal issues including finances.
  • Employees are literally losing sleep over personal finances.
  • It has been found Employees who own their home are less likely to call in sick, miss work, or job hop.

Simply offering company health benefits and health spending accounts isn’t enough.

Employees are in need of specific advice with regards to financial planning, housing, home ownership as well as health and wellness. We are currently in a financial literacy crisis we need to bridge this gap.

In recognition of this trend, the Mortgage Professionals at the TheMortgageSpecialist.com are pleased to offer the Employee Benefit Program. This program provides organizations and employers a comprehensive program focusing on homeownership, financial planning and continued workplace support.

Why Participate In The Employee Mortgage Benefit Plan

Company Benefits

  • Increased employee loyalty.
  • Reduced absenteeism and increase in productivity.
  • Minimal administration required by your company as we virtually do all the work.
  • We also provide a co-branded benefits website accessible to your employees and their families!
  • Virtually NO COST to your company.

Employee Benefits

  • All employees are eligible and it’s completely voluntary.
  • Educational materials are available through the co-branded benefits website.
  • “Lunch & Learn” or zoom seminars are also available.
  • Our hand-picked team of professionals including real estate agents, financial planners and mortgage professionals is designed to keep your employees best interests first
  • We offer Professional advice and customized mortgage solutions for each borrower.
  • Employees will find valuable savings when buying, selling, and/or refinancing their homes.
  • Share the Plan with family and friends!