A question you should be asking is “what strategy are you recommending, and why?”

I think the keyword here is strategy-let’s think about this for a second, when you’re choosing someone to manage your investment portfolio, do you often base that decision on what the price of the mutual fund or the price of the stock is that day? I don’t think so, I think we make our decision of who we will have manage our investments based on the strategy they recommend, and our belief in their ability to implement the strategy.

I think you should have this same thinking when choosing a mortgage professional. Really, when you think about it, Why should it be any different? Why do we make the decision on who we have manage our mortgage based on what the price of the mortgage is on the day we make the decision, instead of the strategy that the mortgage professional is recommending, and your belief in their ability to implement that strategy.

That, I think is a more workable strategy for overall financial wellness.

Thanks for watching.

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