How much time do you need to remove the financing condition on my mortgage?

That’s a great question to ask your mortgage professional, because there are many different answers that can come about. For example, I think it’s important to know that depending on the time of year, depending on factoring in whether there are bank holidays involved, all of these things, and also depending on the workflow of the particular mortgage professional that you’re working with.

But here’s another thing that I think is really important. Don’t allow your realtor to push you into an uncomfortable place to take a shorter financial condition removal date, especially when your mortgage professional has told you they need more time.

Sometimes, the realtor may say “well dump your mortgage professional, and go with my mortgage professional because they could do it in two or three days”. Whatever the case may be.
But then, what happens with all of the other work that you did to determine that this was the right mortgage professional for you. You’re going to dump them just because they can’t do it in the time frame that your realtor thinks is important? I’m not sure that advice from the realtor serves you well in the long term.

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