What is the Canadian Home Buyer’s Academy? At the Mortgage Centre-City Wide, we are the local expert for the Canadian Home Buyer’s Academy. If you’d love to learn about all the different aspects of purchasing a home and obtaining a mortgage, boy do we have a place for you.

IMAGINE consuming video content, all in one place at your convenience and without engaging in a sales process.

What if there was no charge to access all of this professional content, and an area where you could ask questions in a private secure setting and be in community with other home buyers from across Canada. AND to do all of that, you do not have to engage in a sales process. What if there was no charge to access all of this content, and you could also earn up to 2,000 dollars cash back reward, when you purchase a home.

Access to the Canadian Home Buyer’s Academy is free of charge! All you need is simply a verifiable email address – that’s it. The Canadian Home Buyer’s Academy is a group of real estate experts from across Canada, who are continually adding and contributing expert video content detailing everything we think you should know- and everything you want to know about buying a home and getting a mortgage.

Visit www.CanadianHomeBuyersAcademy.com/af/207/mortgagespecialist.

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