Most people are unclear about the role of a mortgage specialist or mortgage specialist, the common question is what does a mortgage specialist do?

what does a home loan specialist doA mortgage specialist works with you to obtain the best mortgage for you. A mortgage that works for you and meets your needs, not the banks.

A mortgage specialist does not work with just one bank or lending institution, s/he has relationships with many.

Based on your needs, a mortgage specialist will go over your goals and your needs with you, and will use this information to identify the best lending product for you.

A mortgage specialist will them share this information with you, and will provide you with the most relevant lending options for your situation. Based on this information, you will select the right mortgage for you.

The mortgage process can be very daunting. Over the years there have been many changes that have occurred with the mortgage approval process.

Working with the right mortgage specialist can make all the difference in the world. It is important to do your research, and to ask questions. A good mortgage specialist will share with you information on how to shop for the right mortgage product, and will let you know why s/he is asking you questions, and will keep you up to date along the way.

You first consultation should always be free, and any fees/costs should be disclosed up front and agreed upon before ever proceeding with finalizing any transaction.