What commitment are you giving me, personally-to manage my mortgage?

I think this is one of THE most critical questions there is in the mortgage process. Well intentioned mortgage professionals are often very transactional in their nature and so they may tell you that they have a plan for you, and they may tell you that they will manage your mortgage-but honestly, talk is cheap-this is wayyy too much money and your financial wellness is way too important to just take somebody’s word on this.

I really encourage you to have them show you EXACTLY what the plan is, and exactly how they are committed to working that plan.

For instance, we at the Mortgage Centre-City Wide, have invested heavily into a dashboard software system whereby your mortgage is compared on a daily basis, to the market interest rates that are out there, and economic news. If there is an opportunity for you to optimize your mortgage, then it is pulled out of our dashboard and an email goes out to you letting you know that we should talk about the opportunity to optimize your mortgage. To find out more details, feel free to give us a call.

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