I think a GREAT question to ask is how have you helped a past client save money?

I’m not suggesting you just let the person give you some general answer like “I save my clients money by doing this”.I really encourage you to ask them to give you a SPECIFIC example.

For example, at the Mortgage Centre-City Wide-in 2009 when we were inching out of the recession, banks were offering premiums over prime on their variable rate mortgages. Those were the best rates that were available at the time and many of our customers chose to take those mortgages. A year later, as we were going into the recovery, banks started to offer discounts off prime, which was a more normal situation. And so, because of our online dashboard and software program, we were immediately notified of opportunities for our clients to optimize their mortgage. So we contacted each one of those clients and converted them-very simple process-converting their variable mortgage from a prime PLUS to a prime MINUS. That ALONE, saved those clients thousands of dollars-with a quick switch.

Let me ask you a question.how many of those customers do you think-got the same phone call from their lender to optimize their mortgage? Further to this question: do you really that a bank would contact you to help YOU save money..so they make less..I think you know the answer.

Thanks for watching.

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