There is confusion as to whether a mortgage specialist is a fee and if they do by who. So most the time the question takes the form Do You Pay A Fee To A Mortgage Broker? or Do You Pay A Mortgage Broker?

The short answer is no. Most of the time, the lender that you select to go with, through your mortgage broker, pays your mortgage broker a referral fee.

how do mortgage brokers get paid in canadaThere are costs associated with setting up a mortgage, and these costs and fees are discussed as part of the process. Costs such as legal and closing costs. All borrowers are responsible for these costs.

There are occasions when a mortgage broker will charge you a fee. These occasions involve special circumstances, such as working with a lender that does not compensate the mortgage specialist. These costs and fees should always bee discussed up front, and agreed upon, before pursing any of the related financing avenues.

If you have any doubts or concerns, definitely bring this up with your mortgage broker. After all, if you do not feel comfortable enough to bring this up with your mortgage broker, then that should probably tell you something in itself.

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