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Here at The Mortgage Specialist we specialize in getting you to pay off your mortgage faster. The sooner, the better. In fact, we generally aim to knock at least 5 years off of our clients’ mortgages while helping you pay off your mortgage faster.

If you haven’t had a discussion about how to knock years off your mortgage with your current bank or financial lender, then they may not be managing your mortgage ideally. Don’t worry though—even if you signed your mortgage with another bank, mortgage broker or lender, we can still help. Contact us to ask us how.

How are we able to knock off 5 years or more from our clients’ mortgage? The answer is better management. By using our expert mortgage knowledge and mortgage intelligence we are able to guide you on interest rates, mortgage term length, accelerated payments, renewals and renegotiations, and more.

Contact us today for an analysis of your current mortgage situation—to find out if you’re eligible to lose 5 or more years from your mortgage.

Pay Off your Mortgage Faster: How to Lose 5 Years from Your Mortgage

We aren’t just whistling Dixie here, we can and do help people everyday to shave years off their mortgage. If you’re thinking ‘that’s just not possible’…perhaps your mortgage isn’t being managed by the right team.

One example of how to shave significant time off your mortgage and pay off your mortgage faster is through accelerated payments. Accelerated payments are one of the simplest yet most effective methods to pay down your mortgage quicker. Accelerated bi-weekly payments, for example, not only save thousands in interest but pay your mortgage off years ahead of schedule. A 30-year mortgage with accelerated bi-weekly payments equates to a 25-year mortgage under regular monthly payments.

A $300,000 mortgage with a fixed rate of 5% would have an outstanding balance of $265,523 at the end of its 5-year term. That same mortgage with accelerated payments, however, would have an outstanding balance of $255,505 — a difference of $10,018 in principal & $1,295 in unpaid interest over 5 years.

Pay Off your Mortgage Faster–How to Cut 5 Years Off YOUR Mortgage Today!

Cutting 5 years off your mortgage today is entirely doable. You simply need The Mortgage Specialist on your side. We can help put you and your family on an accelerated plan that will shave years off your mortgage.

So don’t hesitate—contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your long-term financial goals!



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