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Mortgage Purchasing Burnaby

If you would like to purchase a home and require a mortgage we can assist…We start with a 20 minute phone call. Often we can address 99% percent of your questions or concerns, and are able to tell you how much of a mortgage you can qualify for.

Mortgage Renewals Burnaby

Mortgage renewals advice and tips – if your mortgage is coming up for renewal we can show you how to avoid unsuitable products and terms, help you avoid higher rates by finding you the best possible mortgage rates…

Mortgage Refinancing Burnaby

Are you considering refinancing your mortgage? We can assist you to find low-payment options, access to second/third mortgage financing, including private source financing. Or even steps to refinancing your mortgage…

Mortgage Debt Consolidation Burnaby

Do you want to use your mortgage to consolidate your debt to manage your credit cards, car loans, taxes, bills, etc better? We offer the best advice on how to go about consolidating your debt using your mortgage…

Mortgage Separation Or Divorce Burnaby

Divorce and mortgage questions – We offer expert advice on what to do when you are in the process of separation or are recently divorced. Do you know exactly what to do to safeguard your most valued asset?

Mortgage Special Services Burnaby

In addition to offering the standard mortgage services in Canada that are available from your neighbourhood banks, The Mortgage Centre also offers mortgage special services. Special services help people in special…

Map Of Burnaby BC & Neighbourhoods

What To Know About Burnaby BC

Burnaby, BC is one of the largest suburbs of Vancouver, BC. Burnaby was once considered a bedroom community just east of Vancouver.

Burnaby has always been blessed with open space and beautiful scenery turned into parks. Today, Burnaby is a thriving and very diverse community which fits right in with the diverse culture of the Vancouver population.

If you are interested in buying a home in Burnaby, you will be delighted to learn that there are many popular neighborhoods and communities – all with lots of different types of choices for homes.

You can still enjoy some savings, as the costs are still comparably less than the neighboring Vancouver.

Mortgage Broker Burnaby will help you to get Mortgage

If you are looking to take out a mortgage in Burnaby, you may want to start with a Mortgage Broker Burnaby. This is the best option if you want to get the most for your money. It is important to work with a team of Mortgage Specialist that you can trust.

When you are looking for a mortgage broker, you want to ensure that you find out with a team of professionals in the industry, so that you have the ability to get advice from professionals with their pulse to the ground, on all of the current mortgage products as well as the incentive programs that you might qualify for.

A good mortgage broker will work to understand your personal goals, and work with you to personalize the mortgage product in order to fit your needs, and work with you step by step to make sure that the client has a thorough understanding of the entire mortgage process.

Mortgage Broker Burnaby

A major perk with working with The Mortgage Specialist is that our broker will do all of the shopping around for you as a client.

A good broker will have relationships with multiple banks and lenders across the country.

A broker will compare and contrast all of the different products that are available as well as the rates and incentives that are being offered to take all the guesswork out of the mortgage process to ensure that customers not only get qualified, but are qualified at the best rates and with the best product to fit their mortgage needs.

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