10 Year Mortgage Rates

Hi, it’s Aleem from the mortgage specialist.com and welcome to our special services section about our 10 year mortgage rates.


Many homeowners aren’t aware that locking in your low 10 year mortgage rates is not only possible (a fact that many banks don’t tell their clients!)—but also a smart and shrewd financial decision. By locking in your mortgage rate you aren’t as vulnerable to fluctuations in the market’s interest rates. This means that you can ensure the security of your family by insulating yourself against substantial increases in your monthly mortgage payments…for an entire decade!


Have you ever Considered the Following about 10 Year Mortgage Rates



Now consider the following facts…

  1. Interest rates historically have averaged between 5.5%-6%
  2. Today many people have 3-, 4- or 5-year mortgages around the 3% to 4% mark.
  3. What is likely to happen to your mortgage payment should interest rates go back to more “normal levels”?

Did you know that you can protect your family and pay off your mortgage faster? We at the mortgagespecialist.com will show you a way to insulate your family from inflation and remain financially secure in the transition back to more normal interest rates.


What if you could lock in your mortgage—for under 4.5%!—for the next 10 years with our 10 year mortgage rates?


Don’t leave your family home and your security in the hands of the market place—and don’t lose money in the long run by not locking in our historically low interest rates.


For more information on the benefits of our 10 year mortgage rates, and how we can get you even lower interest rates give us a call at 778-233-2377 or fill in the form below. We will comb through your current mortgage situation and make suggestions on the smartest mortgage decision(s) you can make.


Call us today…because what you don’t know can hurt you—and we may just have information that your bank doesn’t want you to know.