The Mortgage Centre: Special Services


In addition to offering the standard mortgage services in Canada in Canada that are available from your neighbourhood banks, The Mortgage Centre also offers mortgage special services. Special services help people in special circumstances and people who have specific long-term mortgage goals to get where they need to be.

If you have never heard about special services it may be because many banks and lenders generally only offer the standard services that offer the highest payoff for their employers and shareholders. Perhaps its time you started leveraging the mortgage intelligence that we here at The Mortgage Specialist can offer you. Other services can be found here.


The special services that we offer include the following;





Did you know that there are mortgages are available from The Mortgage Centre beyond 5-year terms? Did you know that you can get a 10-year mortgage for under 4.5%? We offer advice on how you can reap the benefits of a 10-year mortgage…

Leveraging a 10-year mortgage strategy isn’t necessarily right for every homeowner. Those however with long-term goals for life and their finances, who need the dependability of a long-term, locked-in low rate may benefit greatly from a 10-year mortgage. This empowers homeowners to pay off their mortgage faster, decrease their financial volatility and make the upgrades on their home to maintain and increases its value.
Click Here – 10 Year Mortgage Option for more information on our 10 year mortgage option.






Would you like to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible? What is your current lender doing to help you with this? The Mortgage Centre can assist and show you how you can payoff your mortgage quicker while improving your cash flow. Our adopt my mortgage program is a shrewd strategy that many of our clients use to pay off their mortgage quicker—and it might be right for you too.

CLICK HERE for a thorough explanation of the adopt my mortgage strategy…or contact us today for a case-specific analysis of whether the adopt my mortgage strategy will work for you and your family.

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Are you in law enforcement, firefighter, a doctor, a paramedic, or a teacher, or perhaps in the military and looking to buy a home? Learn about a Special Program we here at The Mortgage Centre have created for you- as our way of saying thank you and see how you can save…Click Here – Mortgages For Heroes Program for more information…