Second Home Mortgage

second home mortgage

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You have clicked on information for Second Home Mortgage or Rental Property mortgage–and you’ve certainly come to the right place! We’ve helped thousands of homeowners and investors qualify for a second-home mortgage to help them meet their personal and financial goals. Not only have we gotten them the second mortgage they want or need—but we’ve helped keep them from making the most common mistakes that are consistently made by first-time investors.


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Tips for Purchasing an Investment or Second-Home Mortgage


* Do you have a child or family member who is away from home? Perhaps they are studying, or they have relocated for employment?
* Or have you been considering a second-home mortgage to purchase investment property, to rent out, for cash flow, as part of your financial future?
* With interest rates as low as they have been, now for as long as they have been, many have been mulling over the idea of buying a second property.
* In many cases it is cheaper to buy that second home for a family member than to pay rent. And let’s not forget, when we rent – we are paying into someone else’s pockets vs building our equity.

*Property Transfer Tax
* Many Canadians like yourself are now seriously considering taking the plunge into buying a second property, be it for a family member, or an investment property to rent out.
DON’T take out a second home mortgage without speaking with the mortgage specialists here! What you don’t know can hurt you, and the large blip on your credit score that a second mortgage could cause could put your primary mortgage and family home in jeopardy. Do things the right way…do it with The Mortgage Specialist.

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We will not only help you reach your second-home goals through mortgage strategies—but we’ll do it while protecting your credit score, your first home—and your family’s security.