Being a new immigrant in a strange country is hard enough when you’re dealing with culture shock and language barriers—but when you combine those with the financial instability of a lack of credit history and fluctuating immigration status, you’re looking at a stressful situation. Before you resign yourself to throwing money down the drain renting—know that you do have options. New immigrant mortgages ARE possible, and are one of our specialties here.


Here at The Mortgage Specialist, we’ve helped thousands of new immigrants, from American homebuyers to overseas mortgage applicants get into mortgage programs that help them qualify for mortgages that they otherwise wouldn’t.


New Immigrant Mortgage Programs

Yes! It is possible to buy a home as a new immigrant even without established credit or verifiable income. There are many programs available (some government backed, with as little as 5% down payment required) for new immigrant mortgages. In fact, many people would argue that new immigrants receive more favourable terms than the average Canadian when applying for a mortgage.


Of course, despite the availability of mortgages out there that new immigrants can qualify for—the process isn’t always easy. The paperwork and timelines required can be an intricate process, which is especially challenging for those dealing with language barriers. And that’s why you need us on your side.


New Immigrant Mortgages

In order to learn about the most accessible and flexible New Immigrant programs, order your Free Report: ‘New Immigrant Programs’, so that you are armed with our best information and top strategies. The report is FREE, and it will outline several of the mortgage programs available in this hot and fast-moving market.


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We can and will help. Our knowledge of mortgages for new immigrants may just get you qualified for a mortgage that you yourself couldn’t—and very possibly at no cost to yourself! Don’t apply for a mortgage until you’ve spoken with us here at The Mortgage Specialists we can help you qualify for a Canadian mortgage.

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