Surrey Mortgage Broker

Why Hire a Surrey Mortage Broker When Buying a Home Without a doubt buying a home or any kind of property accounts to be one of, if not the biggest investment in one’s life. Intuitively, every aspect of the process should be fully thought out, and precautions taken to ensure you are secure and protected. [...]

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Best Mortgage Rates In Canada

Best Mortgage Rates In Canada General Aspects Regarding the Best Mortgage Rates in Canada That You Must Know! A mortgage is a loan that is taken by a buyer to buy a property so that he is able to pay the seller the full amount of property. Thereafter, the buyer becomes liable to lender for [...]

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Former Grow-Ops

Former Grow-Ops Frustration surrounding financing former marijuana grow-ops. Are brokers running out of options? A recent article I read as well as a new client looking to purchase a former grow-op, inspired me to write about this topic. Many you may remember my video from a few years ago, in which i discussed financing a [...]

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Mortgage Calc

Mortgage Calc How Canada’s Mortgage System Is Fortified To Withstand Financial Upheavals The recent financial crisis nearly flattened the fiscal setup in most parts of the Western world. A combination of different factors, such as inflating house values, a surge of new housing developments, laxer lending standards and the ensuing household debts and mortgage losses, [...]

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Property Taxes are Due

Property Taxes are Due We are heading into the best part of the year for many….SUMMER TIME….and right around the corner, Property Taxes are due. You've probably just received your tax notice in the mail and I thought I would explain the different ways to pay and to register for your Home Owner's Grant (HOG) [...]

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