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Will Your New Bank Pay your Mortgage Penalties

WILL NEW BANK PAY MORTGAGE PENALTY OF YOUR OLD BANK? Hi, everyone. Aleem from There's been a lot of talk about mortgage penalties of late, and I've written a couple of other blogs about them as well. I received some calls over the last couple of weeks, people have been inquiring about whether there [...]

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Bank of Canada Rate Announcement

Bank of Canada Announcement and Banks Announcing Mortgage Rate Drops is merely coincidence Mortgage Rate Drops, independent of the bank of canada announcement, are expected in the near future due to spring market price wars. You have most certainly by now heard that about the Bank of Canada's Announcement a couple of Wednesdays ago regarding [...]

Mortgage Renewal

Mortgage Renewal time? Thousands of mortgages renew on a daily basis and banks regularly send out mortgage renewal notices in the mail.  We are in touch with our clients throughout their mortgage term but also sooner along in the renewal process. I felt compelled to share this occurrence to potentially save you some of your [...]

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