Thank You for Paying it Forward

SEASON OF PAYING IT FORWARD 2017 is already 3 weeks in and we are off to a rocking start. I wanted to thank all of my valued clients for their support over the last year, thank you so much for not keeping me a secret and continuing to refer your friends, family and colleagues requiring [...]

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Property Transfer Tax in BC

The Property Transfer Tax  in BC The Property Transfer Tax in British Columbia is a tax payable to the Provincial Government at the time of purchase  by purchasers of real estate. The tax applies to all types of real estate, whether residential, commercial or industrial. It is exactly that, a tax to transfer title. Here [...]

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Why are Tear Downs In Vancouver So Expensive

Why are teardowns in Vancouver So Expensive check out my article that was published on, here is the link to the article    

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Mortgage Payment Calculator

Planning Your Mortgage with a Mortgage Payment Calculator! Each and every lender providing a mortgage product has its own benefits and short comings You don't only need a mortgage for when you buy a home but also you can need to renew or transfer your mortgage from one lender to another upon its maturity, or [...]

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CIBC Mortgage Rates

Fitting Into The Bank Box With CIBC Mortgage Rates! Who do you think is an eligible candidate for a mortgage? To whom do the banks provide mortgages? Whether the beginners who have flourishing business or single income family or mulch- rental bearing multi-income family? The answer is maybe all or maybe none. To seek a [...]

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